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Goats are those born in 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015.Lucky color: GOLDLucky Direction: SOUTHWESTAllied Signs: RABBIT and PIGThe GOAT is in the eighth position of the Chinese zodiac wheel, and according to Chinese tradition the number 8 symbolizes peace and prosperity.This sign is characterized by being melancholic, shy and sentimental by nature, also by their generosity and kindness towards others, they always act like a mother.Lover of the good life, peace and quiet.His weak points are: being pessimistic, not being able to handle his emotions well and a good conscience about money.During the month of JULY in the CENTER the star 6 BLESSINGS FROM HEAVEN flies.It is important to continue paying attention to health care.The movement in finance is more favorable.Placing the METAL element in the center, 6 silver or gold spheres will be ideal.PREDICTIONS FOR EACH SIGNThey will be restless and this can affect communication.Mainly the women.There may be problems in labor relations.Think twice before responding to situations related to your work.Practice mindful breathing.Live the HERE AND NOW.Place the image of WULOU to the NORTHPerform energy baths with salts or essence of LEMON(1937 – 1949 – 1961 – 1973 – 1985 – 1997 – 2009 – 2021)Excellent month!Enjoy the family, the couple, the marriage.Promotes events to share, this energy feeds the abundance and prosperity that the Goat brings to you.Project yourself positively for the coming months.Place a lot of fire in the NORTHEAST.Red candles or lights.Make energetic baths with salts or essence of MANDARINE.You reap the good harvest that the year has brought.Excellent for you to plan the months to come.Connect with the family, share with your partner, make plans.Take advantage of the conciliatory energy that the Goat gives you this month.Place to the NORTHEAST the image of a pyramid.Perform energy baths with salts or essence of ORANGESDo activities that free you from the stress of work.Place limits on family and work relationships.Take care of your communication, sometimes it is preferable to take a step back in order to move forward.Keep a lit lamp to the EAST.Light Palo Santo incense.Perform energy baths with salts or LEMON essence.A month for you to take care of yourself, in all aspects.Walking, good nutrition, sleep, and recreation will be vital.Be careful with money management.Protect your skin.Place to the SOUTHEAST the solution of water and sea salt.Perform energy baths with salts or essence of LEMONThis month you should be aware of your mental and physical health.Medical checkups, controls.Keep an agenda so you don't forget what's really important.Performing outdoor activities connects you with the well-being you need.Time to be prudent with investments in the home.Place the Pagoda of the 5 Elements to the SOUTHEAST.Perform energy baths with salts or essence of LEMONThis month they will be recognized for their talent, success in projects.Maintaining balance in your actions will strengthen your well-being.Avoid excesses.Place a Balance or the Ying Yan to the SOUTH.Make energetic baths with salts or essence of MANDARINSituations may arise that generate misunderstandings, disputes and legal conflicts.They must be vigilant with legal documents.Take care of the food pending with the digestive system.Place the Red Cloak Buddha to the SOUTHWEST.Make energetic baths with salts or essence of GRAPEFRUITThey may be involved in gossip that causes problems for your good image or reputation.Take care of the diet there is a tendency to gain weight.Walk performs outdoor activities.Place the image of the kalachakra to the SOUTHWEST.Perform energy baths with salts or essence of LEMONGood month for romance, strengthen personal and work relationships.Unexpected luck that generates economic gains.Trust your creativity.Place 8 Chinese Coins to the WEST.Perform energy baths with salts or essence of ORANGEMonth to be very careful with documents and legal procedures.Asking for advice will not be bad.A month for you to connect with your beliefs and influential people.Place to the NORTHWEST a glass of water with a camphor pill.Perform energy baths with salts or essence of LEMONBeware of a relationship that promotes jealousy and fights.Avoid encounters with people you know are toxic.Connect with your beliefs.Honor your deities or ancestors.Place a white candle and a cup of water to the NORTHWEST.Perform energy baths with salts or LEMON essence.SYSTEMIC FENG SHUI IS MORE THAN DECORATION.Ros.feng shui@ros.fengshui / @armoniasistemica.Information by +58-0412 829 95 55If you are interested in this or another topic you can write to [email protected]Últimas Noticias is the most widely distributed print and digital media in VenezuelaFrom here you can communicate via WhatsApp with the newsroom of Últimas Noticias and send a letter or message to La Voz del Lector© 2022 CA Latest News RIF J-00037398-1